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Collection of leaves, fragments and cuttings from manuscripts, in Latin and German [Italy, Germany, etc., 12th to 15th centuries]

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  • ink and pigment on vellum
15 pieces, various sizes from c.110x100 to c.315x220mm, most recovered from use in bindings and thus with creases and staining, consisting of: (a) two leaves with consecutive text (Matt.17:12-18:5; 17:22 with a red initial i.e. treated as the start of a chapter) from a VERY FINELY WRITTEN glossed gospel of Matthew, a primitive layout with a widely-spaced main text, with short interlinear glosses and longer glosses in the outer margin [Italy, c.1130s]; (b) two cuttings from a Psalter (with parts of Pss.52:1-7 and 59:10-60:9), each preserving PART OF A MAJOR ILLUMINATED INITIAL [Germany, 13th century]; (c) two nearly complete leaves from a Psalter (Pss.28:6-30:8, 35:1-14) with large and small red initials [Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, c.1200-1250]; (d) three column-wide strips and an incomplete bifolium of a canon law text, with series of subjects arranged alphabetically, and a table headed ‘Tituli et capitula Decretalium hic sunt registrata et signata’, with an 8-line PUZZLE INITIAL ‘U’ [France, 14th century]; (e) a section of letter in GERMAN, beginning with a mention of ‘sein hausfrau’ and mentioning ‘Regenspurg’ (lines 2, 7) [Germany (Regensburg?), 15th century]; (f) most of a leaf from a Missal including parts of the 8th-10th Sundays after Pentecost, the lections marked-up in red, presumably to aid reading aloud [Germany, 15th century]; (g) two partial bifolia, including part of Augustine’s Sermo 354, citing authorities including Hugo, Bernard, and Gregory [Netherlands or Germany, 15th century]; (h) a fragment of a Breviary, with parts of lessons IV-VI apparently for Christmas day [Netherlands, 14th century]