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Attributed to Vittore Carpaccio

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  • Vittore Carpaccio
  • Madonna and Child
  • oil on panel
  • 29 1/2  by 22 3/4  in.; 75 by 57.8 cm.


Private collection.

Catalogue Note

The composition of this rediscovered panel parallels that of a lost, signed panel ascribed to Carpaccio which was last recorded in the Eisler collection, Vienna (fig. 1).1 That panel is signed VICTORIS CARPAT..., though is not universally accepted as an autograph work.2 While the disposition of the figures is remarkably similar in both works, the backgrounds are different, most noticeably in the direction of the mounted rider.

Analysis of the under-drawing of the present work (fig. 2) strongly suggests the design derives from a cartoon, which is now lost. The success and popularity of the cartoon must have been significant for at least two works derive from it, beside the aforementioned Eisler picture: an anonymous Madonna and Child, now lost, which was formerly associated with Cima da Conegliano and whose background landscape differs considerably from the present work;a smaller panel in the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge Mass., which shows a different window on to the landscape, which Heinemann attributes to Lattanzio da Rimini.4  Neither of these works matches the quality of the present panel, however, which despite its current appearance, appears at least as close to the work of Carpaccio as the lost Vienna panel. 

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