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South German, late 16th century

12,000 - 18,000 USD
32,500 USD
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  • Renaissance quarter striking table clock
  • the associated pierced balance cock signed Hanet à Paris
  • gilt bronze
7 1/8  in. dial with outer minute ring enclosing the hour dial numbered I-XII twice in both Roman and Arabic numerals and further 1-6 four times, a band of finely engraved birds and foliage separating an inner dial numbered as the hour ring, the brass and iron movement with plain steel pillars, fusees and chains for the going and striking trains and spring barrel for the quarter train, verge escapement with later balance, the associated pierced balance cock signed Hanet A Paris, quarter striking on two bells, the large count ring set into the backplate, the drum case engraved with scrolling foliage and flowers, the stepped base resting on four feet in the form of two scrolls terminating in cherubim, the underside with floral pierced and engraved plate, extensive later alterations and replacements