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Paolo Farinati

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  • Paolo Farinati
  • Elijah brought to heaven by a chariot of fire 
  • Point of the brush and brown wash, heightened with white, over black chalk
  • 386 by 518 mm; 15¼ by 20 7/16  in


Stadtgericht of the City of Leipzig (L.2731)

Catalogue Note

This large horizontal drawing by Paolo Farinati, executed in his very characteristic style, was surely made in connection with a projected fresco decoration which was either never executed or has been lost. Farinati had frescoed the same subject, though in upright format, for the Cappella Marogna, in the Church of San Paolo in Verona (1565),1 a decoration commissioned by Anton Maria Marogna.  Two preparatory drawings related to the Marogna Chapel have survived in the National Gallery of Scotland (as Phaethon in his chariot) and a more finished version is in the Louvre.

The subject is taken from the Old Testament (2 Kings 2:8): at this moment a chariot and horses, made of fire, suddenly appear and the prophet Elijah is lifted up in a whirlwind.  As Elijah is carried upwards, his mantle falls to the ground and Elisha picks it up. This last motif, which is missing from Farinati's upright versions of the scene, may have been added to fit better with the horizontal format.

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