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Maquette de la frégate "Sybille" en os, travail anglais du XIXe siècle

12,000 - 18,000 EUR
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  • bone
  • Maquette : haut. 60 cm, larg. 80 cm ; vitrine : haut. 68 cm, larg. 90 cm, prof. 38 cm
  • Model: height 23 1/3 in; width 31 1/2 in; glass case: height 26 3/4 in; width 35 1/2 in; depth 15 in
munie de quarante canons, à trois mâts, la proue ornée d'une figure féminine ; sur un socle en bois et dans une vitrine en bois noirci, verre et laiton

Catalogue Note

Une plaque sur la base indique l'histoire de la frégate SYBILLE: "the Sybille" 40 guns was captured from the French by H.M.S. Romney on 17th June 1794. She assisted in the raid on the Bay of Manila in 1798, and in the following year captured by the French frigate "La Forte" 44 Guns after a brave fight. In 1801 she attacked and took the French frigate "Chiffonne" 36 guns in Mahe roads and destroyed the shore battery defending her."