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Zhang Daqian (Chang Dai-chien, 1899-1983)

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  • Zhang Daqian (Chang Dai-chien, 1899-1983)
  • Peach Blossom Spring
  • splashed ink and colour on paper, hanging scroll
signed YUAN, dated 1982, inscribed, with four seals of the artist, and one collector's seal

Planting plum trees upon the twin streams,
I grew old and weary of the noisy city;
Who can believe when A Chao arrived,
That earthly Peach Blossom Spring was just a dream.

The plum blossoms grow exuberantly at Moye Jingshe. Friends who have seen them were full of praise and admiration, and described it as Paradise. They said that ever since I moved here, neighbours have settled in and grew flowers. One could hear their chickens cackle and dogs bark, and see the lights from their residence. How would I be able to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? We all erupted in laughter. As I paint this work, I compose a little poem to commemorate the happiness of the occasion, and inscribed it on this painting. The seventy first year of the Republic of China, the seventh day of the last lunar month. Yuan, at 84 years of age.


Previously in the Chai Sian Kwan Collection
Sotheby’s Hong Kong, Fine Chinese Paintings, May 1987, Lot 98
Previously in the the Robert H. Ellsworth Collection


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- Generally in good condition.
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Catalogue Note

Zhang Daqian Peach Blossom Spring: 
Property from the Mactaggart Art Collection

The Mactaggart Art Collection was formed by Mr. and Mrs. Sandy and Cécile Mactaggart. The Mactaggarts began collecting Asian art in the early 1960s, with a particular interest in Chinese textiles and paintings. Over a period of forty years, the Mactaggart Art Collection grew to be one of the finest privately held collections of East Asian art in the western world. In 2005 they donated the bulk of their collection, a total of more than 1000 works of Chinese art, to the University of Alberta Museums in Alberta, Canada, their former residence. It was the largest single donation the University had ever received from an individual. Zhang Daqian's Peach Blossom Spring, however, was one of their favourite works and remained in their possession.