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Thomas, Bert
230 by 330mm. (average), ink drawings or ink and watercolour drawings with occasional corrections in gouache, each signed, occasional light soiling and spotting, pin holes, occasional chips to extremities of boards
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Catalogue Note

Topics include an exorbitant hotel, motor cars, televised boxing, court room scenes and golf. The cartoons were mostly published in Humorist magazine and London Opinion between 1931 and 1939. Bert Thomas (1883-1966) is described by Houfe as having worked "in London for many of the leading magazines, taking as his subjects a raffish metropolitan world of policeman, waitresses, soldiers and sailors, set down with a spontaneous broken line".

Titles, and assumed publication details, are as follows:

"Cook (to husband who has been sent to complain) - 'Now run away an' fetch the missus - I don't deal with underlings'
[publication not traced]

"Tourist - re exorbitant bill. 'Well - I'll give Dick Turpin his due - he did have the decency to wear a mask'
Humorist, 23 September 1933

"Shopwalker - 'Why didn't that man buy anything? What did he want to see?' Assistant - 'Me - tomorrow night!'"
[London Opinion?]

"The Lady (gonged for speeding) 'So sorry - we're eloping and father is chasing us' Cop - 'All right. Buzz off and we'll collar your da'"
Humorist, 30 May 1936

"Clerk 'Excuse me madam - you can only remand him' Lady Magistrate 'Very well then. You are severely remanded'"
Humorist, 31 October 1931

"Dud Golfer 'Who are those people?' Caddie 'Dunno Sir. They must ave joined since we started'"
London Opinion, 25 October 1936

"'Will ye hae some water?' 'Och, man. ane o that. Ma mooth's fu' o' it'"
Humorist, 24 October 1931

"Prospective purchaser 'How do you account for all these cars passing is so easily?' Salesman 'My dear sir, look at the width of the road'"
[London Opinion? summer annual]
"Can't yer get a bit closer? They're televising this yer know"
Humorist, 22 April 1939

"'Is he telling the truth Officer?' 'He must be sir. He can't possibly have any more lies in him'"
London Opinion, January 1933

"'Remember this - I can give you six months' 'Don't be absurd - you can give me 30 or 40 years"
Humorist, 31 October 1936

"Eloping Swain - 'W'Whatever's this?' Girl - 'Presents from the Family'"
Humorist, 6 June 1936

"Aunt Martha - 'Why! You poor darlings - you're quite neglected'"
Humorist, 8 December 1934

"Bert (who has a vague smattering of the law) 'Anyhow, you'll 'ave to prove damage before you can presecute us' Edna 'Give over, Bert, and let's push off, 'cos he seems to be damaging 'is face a bit'"
Humorist, 1 July 1933

"Wife - 'No gun-play tonight Jim. I just got the twins off to sleep'"
[publication not traced]

"What beats me is how the Scotch ever came to invent an expensive game like this"
[Humorist?], 13 December 1933

English Literature, History, Children’s Books and Illustrations