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Fang Jun

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  • Fang Jun
  • Ming Furniture and Cat
  • ink and colour on paper, framed
  • 1989
signed and dated 1989 in Chinese, and marked with three seals of the artist


Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong
Private American Collection


China, Hong Kong, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Fang Jun - Tones of Tranquility, 1990, pl. 49

Catalogue Note

The present work is one of Fang Jun's early works that displays his mastery of fine line gongbi painting skills as depicted in the different textures and minute details of a gathering in a private scholar's home. From the Ming chairs and room decor, one immediately senses the literati taste and pursuits of the host. The folding screen creates an intimate pictorial space in front of the viewer with a series of delicately depicted objects—the blue and white teapots and cups, the vase with blooming lotus flowers and leaves, and exquisite fans— collectively suggesting a casual gathering on a summer day. The imagined nuances presented here with Fang's realistic gongbi technique break the boundary between the pictorial space and the real world to which the viewer belongs. This boundary is further blurred by the artist's signature and inscription – on both the painted screen surface and the actual surface of the painting – that merges the virtual space with reality. The distinctive composition and elegant colour that defines Fang Jun's painting style have earned him many national awards in China and the reputation as one of the best painters of his generation. His works are featured in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tokyo, New York, Paris, and London. (See also Lots 538 & 540)