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Japanese and Chinese musical instruments

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  • Fine hand-coloured eighteenth-century Japanese hand-scroll, illustrating Chinese and Japanese musical instruments
MANUSCRIPT, Chinese text, with Japanese explanations in smaller characters, describing "Ming-style" instruments, showing those used at the royal court at the Ryukyu archipelago (principally Okinawa), including a seven-string zither (guqín or kin), three-stringed banjo (shamisen) and plectrum, four-stringed lute (pipa or gaku-biwa), two-stringed fiddle with bow, straight flute, shawm, tambourines, gongs, drums and other instruments, together with the clothes and hats of the artists, with flags and banners illustrated with dragon and cat

hand-scroll, 285cm x 6300mm., on mulberry paper, comprising 14 sheets (each c.285 x 410mm.), end-cover with green cloth and gilt, later green cloth tie, dated at the end of the scroll: 4th year of the Hôreki period ([Ryukyu islands:] 1754)