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Bible in Latin

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  • A leaf from the 1462 Bible. Mainz: Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer, 14 August 1462
  • ink,leather,paper
Royal folio (401 × 293 mm), a single paper leaf in fine condition with Bull’s Head watermark, being volume II fo. 166 (17/4) containing Luke 5:2-6:46. 2 columns, 48 lines; initial space. Original manuscript quire signature preserved (“r4”). Rubricated red and blue, numerous “cat’s paw” reading marks and a marginal cross-reference (at Luke 6:3, to 1 Samuel 21, the Biblical passage Jesus cited to the Pharisees). Brown cloth folding case.


Guglielmo Libri — Ludwig Rosenthal Cat. CV (1903) no. 8


Formatting the Word of God 2.3b; Goff B-529; GW 4204; BMC I 22 (IC.104); BSB-Ink B-410; Bod-inc B-239; De Ricci Mayence 79.106 (the source copy of this leaf)

Catalogue Note

The fourth edition of the Latin Bible, and one remarkable for its beauty. Copies were issued on both vellum (more than half the edition run) and paper. This leaf belongs to a very imperfect but well preserved volume II, 112 leaves in all, which by the information of Seymour De Ricci was formerly in the possession of Guglielmo Libri (1803-1869), inspector general of French libraries and notorious book thief, and then by 1895 came to the hands of the Munich bookdealer Ludwig Rosenthal. The leaves are now widely dispersed, including a sequence of six leaves from John in the Scheide Library at Princeton.