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Song Tao

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  • Song Tao
  • Woolen Pebble (Slate)
  • Tibetan highland wool, Chinese silk, hemp and nettle 
  • 300 by 250 cm, 118 1/8  by 98 3/8  in.
executed in 2015, this work is number 1 from an edition of 8

Catalogue Note

Song Tao

Song Tao was born in Shanghai in 1969. He studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, where he majored in Graphic Design and Drawing. In 1993, he obtained a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts from the Pantheon – Sorbonne University of Paris I.

Following his return to China, Tao founded TAO Gallery showcasing contemporary art as well as the Song Tao Design Studio, which offered interior, furniture, and exhibition design services. In 2002, Song Tao opened his exclusive brand agency, promoting works of top Chinese artists and designers. Just five years later, he opened an art venue SAY FINE ART, located in the famous 798 Art Zone in Beijing, and dedicated to preservation and revival of traditional Chinese craft. In the following year (2008), Tao organized a brand league joined by Chinese artists aimed at allowing people to rediscover the vitality of plastic arts in traditional Chinese culture. Tao’s personal practice and promotion of other artists and designers both focus on integrating traditional Chinese techniques with a contemporary approach.  

During the last three decades of Tao’s artistic practice, his personal works and designs have been showcased in Asia and Europe. He has a number of awards under his belt, including the Crystal Unicorn Award and the China Award for Outstanding Original Furniture Brands.