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The forty Hadith of the Prophet with their versifications by ‘Abd al-Rahman Jami, signed by Muhammad al-Qawam al-katib al-Shirazi, Persia, Safavid, 16th century

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  • ink on paper with leather binding
Arabic and Persian manuscript on gold-sprinkled paper, 9 leaves plus 2 flyleaves, 13 lines to the page, 3 lines of Arabic text in black nasta'liq script, smaller text panels of Persian text written horizontally and diagonally in smaller script, panels bordered with gold strap-work, foliate panels dividing the text, remargined, opening double page with text within cloud bands against a gold ground sprinkled with flowers, f.1b with illuminated headpiece in colours and gold, brown morocco binding with ebru panels, gilt scroll-work border

Catalogue Note

Muhammad al-Qawam al-Shirazi is known through his many recorded works, which are dated between 939 AH/1532-33 AD and 974 AH/1566-67 AD that inform us that he worked in Shiraz and was known as al-Hammami (Mehdi Bayani, ahval va athar-e khosh-navisan, vol.3, Tehran, 1348 sh, pp.814-6; L. Uluc, Arts of the Book in Sixteenth Century Shiraz, (Ph.D Dissertation) 2000, pp.335-8).