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Sharaf al-Din ‘Abd al-Mun’im ibn Hibatallah (known as Shafruh al-Isfahani, d.circa 1202 AD), Kitab atbaq al-dhahab ‘ala mawa’id al-khutab, A collection of moral and religious precepts, Persia or Anatolia, Ilkhanid or Seljuq, late 13th/early 14th century

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  • ink on paper with leather binding
  • 19.8 by 13.8cm.
Arabic manuscript on paper, 103 leaves plus 5 flyleaves, 10 lines to the page, written in neat black naskh script, keywords picked out in larger black thuluth script, f.1a with title in large gold thuluth script with illuminated roundel and seal impressions, following page with illuminated bismillah in fine gold thuluth script within a blue-ground cartouche filled with scrolling split palmettes, later binding


Later Ottoman ownership inscription of ‘Abdallah al-Mufti in the city of Kutahya, Turkey.

Catalogue Note

According to Charles Rieu, the author of this manuscript is the same Persian poet known as Sharaf-al-Din ‘Abdul-Mu’min Shafruh (or Shufurwah, after his birthplace near Isfahan). The work comprises a collection of moral and religious precepts divided into a hundred maqalahs. The author states in the preface that he composed the work at the request of the holy personage Zahir-al-Din Ahmad ibn Mahmud al-Khuwayyi in imitation of Zamakhshari’s Atwaq al-dhahab.

Another copy of the work is part of a majmu’ dated 9 Rabi’ al-Thani 1076 AH/1668 AD in the British Library, London (see C. Rieu, Supplement to the Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts in the British Museum, Hildesheim, 2013 (reprint of the 1894 edition), pp.632-3, cat.no.1003). See also Brockelmann, GAL, I., 292, 505; S. I., 512.