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Zayn al-Din Jurjani (d.1136 AD), Zakhirah-yi Khwarazmshahi ('Treasury dedicated to the king of Khwarazmshahi'), an encyclopaedia of medical science, Vol. II. Persia, Timurid, dated 838 AH/1434 AD

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  • ink on paper, bound leather
  • 34.8 by 26cm.
Persian manuscript on polished paper, 50 leaves plus 4 flyleaves, 25 lines to the page, written in neat naskh script, catchwords, f.1b with heading in ornamental eastern Kufic script against a blue ground decorated with scrolling split-palmettes in red and gold, red morocco binding

Catalogue Note

Born in Khwarazm, Zayn al-Din Jurjani composed the Zakhirah no later than 1110-11 AD. He was the first notable physician who wrote in Persian, and his work is unanimously accepted as the first major medical text written in the Persian language. According to Fateme Keshavarz, "the Zakhirah-i has been enriched by al-Jurjani's extensive knowledge of the medical literature of the time" (see F. Keshavarz, A Descriptive and Analytical  Catalogue  of Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London, 1986, pp.149-154, no.43).

According to Charles Rieu the reason for al-Jurjani's compiling of the Zakhirah was to supply a comprehensive work which would offer the required information on every branch of the medical science, and save a physician the trouble and loss of time involved in consulting other books (in short, something he himself required for his work). Al-Jurjani dedicated al-Zakhirah  to Qutb-al-Din Khvarazm Shah Abu’l-Fath Muhammad Ibn Yamin-al-Din (d.1127 AD).

Please see the catalogue note to the following lot for more on the Zakhirah-yi Khwarazmshahi.