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A double page frontispiece from a large Qur'an, Turkey, Ottoman, 15th century

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  • Ink and gold on paper
text: surah al-nisa' (IV), beginning of surah to part of verse 25
Arabic manuscript on paper, comprising 2 leaves, each 3 lines to the page, written in alternating blue and gold muhaqqaq script, heading panels in white ornamental eastern Kufic script in white against blue-ground panels decorated with gold scrolling split-palmettes, gold strapwork borders, reverse of f.2 with 5 lines of blue and gold text, ruled in blue

Catalogue Note

This double page frontispiece from juz five of the Qur'an comes from a grand Qur'an written in thirty sections in the first half of the fifteenth century. It is an important example of early Ottoman manuscript production, relating stylistically to late Mamluk Qur'ans, especially in the basic layout and the fine muhaqqaq script. The strong, flowing rhythm is enhanced by the use of alternate lines of blue and gold ink.

Other leaves and sections from this Qur'an have been sold in these rooms, 29 October 1998, lot 28; 15 October 1997, lot 13 and 30 April 1992, lot 434.