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Hasan Nizami Nishapuri Ghaznavi, Taj al-ma'athir (a history of India), Persia, Safavid, dated 1035 AH/1625 AD

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  • ink on paper, bound leather
  • 23.8 by 13cm.
Persian manuscript on paper (with some Arabic verses), 215 leaves plus 2 flyleaves, 19 lines to the page, written in black ink in small and neat nasta'liq script, catchwords, ruled in colours and gold, opening two pages with large polychrome flowers decorating the margins, opening illuminated headpiece in colours and gold, reddish-brown leather binding with tooled floral medallions

Catalogue Note

The text of this work deals with the history of Delhi Sultanate of India between 1191 and 1218 AD (under the reigns of Muhammad Ibn Sam, Aybak and Iltutmish). It is written in Persian both in prose and verse also including Arabic verses.

The manuscript bears the note of purchase in the capital Tehran and its entry to the library of Farhad Mirza (son of 'Abbas Mirza and brother of Muhammad Shah) in 1254 AH/1838-39 AD) with his oval seal impression. Farhad Mirza is described as Prince, a governor, an author and a bibliophile, who held a vast library (for more on him see Kambiz Eslami, 'Farhad Mirza Mo'tamad al-Dawla', Encyclopaedia Iranica).