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A large illuminated Qur'an leaf on vellum, North Africa or Near East, late 9th century AD

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  • ink on vellum
text: surah al-mulk (LXVII), part of verse 17 to part of verse 19
Arabic manuscript on vellum, 7 lines to the page, written in elongated Kufic script in dark brown ink, verses separated by outlined clusters of 6 gold dots, numbered in the outer margins in Arabic and Persian numerals 

Catalogue Note

Produced in North Africa when Qu'ran production was at its apogée, these Qur'an folios are recognisable for their strong and disciplined hand, as well as the exaggerated mashq that is present here. Other sections from this Qu'ran are in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin (James 1980, p.18, no.5), The Iran Bastan Museum, Tehran (Ms. 4289, Lings 1976, no.5), and the Pars Museum, Shiraz.

Various other folios from this Qu'ran displaying the same strong aesthetic features have come to auction, including a leaf sold in these rooms 5 October 2011, lot 54; 14 April 2010, lots 1 & 5; 1 April 2009, lot 2; two further leaves bearing the illuminated headings of surah al-Lahab (CXI) and surah al-Falaq (CXIII), 9 April 2008, lot 13 and a leaf of the surah Nuh sold in these rooms, 24 October 2007, lot 4. A bifolium was sold in these rooms 24 April 2013, lot 3.