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An Ottoman embroidered table cover or 'Sinni' tray cover, Turkey, 18th/19th century

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  • textile
of almost circular format, worked in polychrome silks and metal-threads in concentric floral bands on a red ground

Catalogue Note

This beautiful table or tray cover belongs to a small group produced for the members of the court in Istanbul in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The vibrantly coloured fabric is enhanced by the intricately embroidered floral pattern which is of distinctly palatial quality. Comparable textiles are published in R. Taylor, Ottoman Embroidery, Studio Vista, 1993, p.157.

For a comprehensive discussion of the subject of Ottoman embroideries, including napkins (yağlik), sashes (uçkur), headscarves (çevre), wrapping cloths (bohça), covers and floorspread, and the techniques used see C. Erber, A Wealth of Silk and Velvet, Bremen, 1993; Krody, Sumru Belger, Flowers of Silk and Gold, Four Centuries of Ottoman Embroidery, The Textile Museum, Washington, 2000; J.M. Rogers (ed.), Embroideries and other Textiles, The Topkapi Saray Museum, London/Boston, 1986, Part II: Embroideries; R. Taylor, Ottoman Embroidery, London, 1993.