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An Ottoman red-ground calligraphic silk textile panel, Turkey, 19th/20th century

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the red silk ground woven with cream silk thread, divided by horizontal chevrons into a series of alternating wide and narrow bands decorated with calligraphic inscriptions in vigorous muhaqqaq, with cartouches flanked by two roundels on each side, mounted

Catalogue Note


In the wide band: repeat of the Shahada

Bordering the wide band: Qur’an, chapter II (al-Baqara), part of verse 144 (above); chapter III (al-'Imran), verse 96 (below)

In the roundels and cartouches: Invocations to God through three of his attributes.

Fragments with the same loom pattern are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (inv. no.1063-1900), the Textile Museum, Washington (inv. no. TM 3.158a) and the David Collection, Copenhagen (inv.no.20/1971).