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A Khurasan silver and copper-inlaid cast brass inkwell with figures, signed by Hajib Mas’ud Ibn Ahmad al-Naqqash, Persia, 12th century

20,000 - 30,000 GBP
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  • silver inlaid brass
  • 10cm. height.
    7.5cm. diam. 
of cylindrical form, with a shallow cover with silver-inlaid calligraphic inscriptions, a central raised lobed boss with knop finial and three loop handles, a further three hinged on the body, decorated with incised details and silver and copper inlays, with paired figures seated within lobed archways, roundels containing birds and calligraphic panels, the underside with a finely incised harpy at its centre between panels containing quadrupeds

Catalogue Note


Around the lid:
‘Perpetual glory and prosperity and wealth and well-being and plenitude and health and (God’s) support’

Around the body:
‘And prosperity and well-being and happiness and (Prophet’s) intercession and health and long-life to its owner’

On the body, incised in small hand:
‘Work of Hajib Mas’ud Ibn Ahmad the Herati decorator (al-naqqash)'

Ahmad the Herati was the same metalworker who decorated the famed Bobrinsky bucket, now in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg and dated 559 AH/December 1163 AD (L.A. Mayer, Islamic metalworkers and their works, 1959, p.61).