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Ted Egan Jangala 1940 - 2011

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  • Ted Egan Jangala
  • Emu Dreaming
  • Natural ochre and warmulu plant fibre on wood


Commissioned by Arnaud Serval in Alice Springs, Northern Territory in 2004

Private Collection, France


WAMULU, Ted Egan Tajangal, Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa, Johnny Possum Tjapaltjari, Annandale Galleries, Sydney, 2 March - 2 April 2005

Catalogue Note

Ted Egan Tjangala comes from the Yuendemu region of the Northern Territory and his language group is Warlpiri. He worked for twenty-five years as a renowned police tracker and was a senior lawman and guardian of his culture. As the co-founder of the Janganpa dance and theatre group he travelled extensively within Australia and internationally. In 2002, Tjangala travelled to Paris to construct a ground painting for the exhibition 'Wati'.

Tjangala was a senior custodian of the Emu Dreaming. The story depicted in this artwork illustrates the ‘boss of the Emu story travelling with a coolamon (represented by the oval shape), a traditional wooden carrying dish used to collect seeds and fruits and to carry water and babies.'