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Willem de Heusch

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  • Willem de Heusch
  • Italianate landscape with shepherds
  • signed lower right on the rock: GDHeusch: f
  • oil on panel


Possibly the Duke of Sutherland, Stafford House, London;
Alfred Brod, prior to 1964.


Providence, 1964, no. 11;
New York, Finch College, 1966, no. 17;
New Orleans 1997, no. 24;
Baltimore 1999, no. 23.


New Orleans, 1997, pp. 60-61, cat. no. 24, reproduced;
Baltimore, 1999, p. 58, cat. no. 23, reproduced.

Catalogue Note

Willem de Heusch specialized in Italianate landscapes in the style of Jan Both with whom he is likely to have trained. De Heusch is thought to have traveled in Italy around 1640, but was back in Utrecht by 1649 where he is recorded as a dean of the Guild along with Both and Cornelis Poelenburch.

The idyllic setting of the present composition, with spindly trees and boulders lining a pathway which winds towards a hillside beyond, all aglow in golden light, is characteristic of the work of the artist.  De Heusch often signed his paintings using the initial G, short for Guillaume or Guglielmo, the italianized form of his first name.

A red wax seal on the reverse of the painting may bear the arms of the Lindenfels of Strasburg.