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A miniature portrait of Emperor Nicholas II, Johannes Zehngraf (1857-1908), circa 1898

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  • ivory, tempera
on ivory, the Emperor depicted wearing the uniform of the Preobrazhenskii Regiment, the sash of the Order of St Andrew, and a range of medals: the badge of the Order of St Vladimir, 4th class (bestowed on him 30 August 1890), commemorative medals of Alexander III's Coronation (1894) and Reign (1896), the badges of the Danish Order of Daneborg (1894) and the Greek Order of the Saviour (1884), signed in Latin 'Zehngraf' centre left

Catalogue Note

Johannes Zehngraf was born in Copenhagen the son of a photographer and trained as a miniaturist in Berlin.  The appearance of the Emperor as rendered by Zehngraf here relates most closely to the miniature forming part of the 'surprise' of the Lilies of the Valley Egg of 1898, which helps to date the present lot; certainly it is post-1896, given the dates of the medals worn by the Emperor.  The size of the miniature suggests that it was intended for use on an Imperial Presentation snuff box or table portrait, although the reverse does not bear a number.