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Fifteen Star Wars 'Last Seventeen' Power of the Force '92-back' action figure, 1985

3,000 - 5,000 USD
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  • Plastic, cardboard, paint
  • 6 by 9 inches each
The last Star Wars figures produced by Kenner.

Luke Stormtrooper, C-8 condition
Luke Battle Poncho, C-8 condition unpunched
Amanaman, C-8 condition unpunched 
EV-9D9, C-8.5 condition 
Barada, C-9 condition
R2-D2 Pop Up Lightsaber, C-7.5 condition unpunched 
A-Wing Pilot, C-9 condition unpunched
Paploo, C-8.5 condition 
Romba, C-9.5 condition unpunched
Imperial Gunner, C-8 condition
Lumat, C-8 condition
Lando General Pilot, C-8.5 condition unpunched
Warok, C-6 condition unpunched
Imperial Dignitary, C-9 condition
Han Carbonite, C-8.5 condition

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