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Stuart, Lodowick, Duke of Richmond and Lennox

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  • Stuart, Lodowick, Duke of Richmond and Lennox
  • Autograph letter signed ("Richmonde Lenox"), to Sir Edward Herbert [later Lord Herbert of Cherbury] as Ambassador to France
  • paper
On the imminent return of the Prince of Wales from Spain following the collapse of the proposed Spanish match ("...wee expect with great impatience the prince his returne, which now dependeth onely upon the Wind..."), and also on the proposed recruitment of a company of men at arms, one page, folio, Theobalds, 3 October 1623, integral autograph address leaf retaining a fine red wax seal impression; seal tear, professionally conserved. Red morocco-backed folder, gilt.  


Maggs, catalogue 597 (1934), no. 646. acquisition: Christopher Edwards, 1992

Catalogue Note

A letter written by one of James VI/I's most trusted courtiers to one of the greatest thinkers of his generation, concerning the dominant diplomatic issue of the moment. This letter was written near the conclusion of the future Charles I's disastrous trip to Spain, which he had undertaken incognito (under an assumed name and sporting a false beard) in order to conclude tortuous negotiations for his marriage to the Infanta. Charles's personal presence had made the failure of these negotiations a diplomatic embarrassment, and it was now to fall to Herbert to negotiate a French marriage for the future king. Within a year, however, Herbert alienated both the British and the French and his diplomatic career was finished — a failure that gave Herbert the time to pursue his philosophical, historical, and poetic writings.