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(Advice to a Painter)

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  • Three Poems, ca. 1679
  • printed book
Attributed to Andrew Marvell and Henry Savile. Two unbound works and one stabbed and stitched, each a single sheet in folio, each with caption titles. There are two poems sometimes attributed to Andrew Marvell (Advice to a Painter, &c. and New Advice to a Painter), but the first is now credited to Henry Savile, on the basis of correspondence between Savile and his brother. All in relatively good and fresh condition. Each housed in a red cloth chemise and matching morocco-backed slipcase.

Henry Savile. Advice to a Painter. [London: s.n., 1679]. Begins "Spread a large canvas, painter, to contain." First edition. An anti-Catholic satire on the Duke of York, written in 1673 but only published in 1679, at the height of public uproar over the Popish Plot. (Wing S774A; ESTC R641; Pforzheimer 668, under Marvell). acquisition: Pickering & Chatto — The Second Advice to the Painter. [London: s.n., 1679]. First edition (Wing S2255A; R737; Pforzheimer 669, under Marvell). acquisition: J. & J. Hanrahan — New Advice to a Painter, &c. [London: s.n., 1679]. (Wing N533A; ESTC R1495). acquisition: J. & J. Hanrahan