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Peter Beard

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  • Peter Beard
  • 'Peter Beard 35 Times'
  • Geltain Silver Print
  • 21 1/8  by 19 1/2  in. (53.7 by 49.5 cm.)
a unique object, signed, dated, and extensively annotated in white ink and with collaged color photograph of the photographer and 'A. G. of Nairobi,' framed, The Time Is Always Now gallery and information labels on the reverse, 1975-6, printed in 1996

Catalogue Note

The lengthy annotation, a quotation from Francis Bacon, reads,

'Well, I often wish that I had a camera and just took the thing as it went along, because certainly, very often in working one loses the best moments of a painting in trying to take it further.  And, if one had a record of what it was, one might be able to find it again.  So it would almost be nice to have a running camera going all the time . . . '