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Philips Wouwerman

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  • Philips Wouwerman
  • Landscape with a stag hunt
  • signed lower right with double monogram
  • oil on oak panel
  • 31.7 by 41.9 cm.; 12 1/2  by 16 1/2  in.


Robert White;
His sale et al., London, Christie's, 16 February 1861, lot 105, 31 Guineas to Graves (as Hackaart);
Anonymous sale, London, Christie's, 25 April 2001, lot 14;
Where acquired by the present owner.

Catalogue Note

Landscapes with hunting scenes formed a staple throughout Wouwerman's career, and were foremost among the works upon which his contemporary and later fame rested. Hofstede de Groot listed some forty-four works incorporating a stag hunt,1 of which seventeen autograph works are identified in Birgit Schumacher's catalogue published in 2006. The imprecise descriptions of many hunting scenes in early sources, however, makes it very difficult to identify an early history for the present panel. It may perhaps be the 'Stag Hunt' listed by Hofstede de Groot in the sale of the collection of Jan de Gise in Bonn on 30 August 1742, lot 105 (478 florins).3 This was on a panel of very similar dimensions (13 by 16 inches) but the description in the sale catalogue – Eine Hirsch-Jagd. original vom Wovermans [sic] – is too vague to allow for certainty.

Wouwerman used this small cabinet format for other depictions of stag hunts, both on copper and on panel. These include, for example, the copper sold in these Rooms 12 December 2002, lot 26, and that today in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, both of slightly smaller dimensions.4 It is very difficult to establish a chronology for Wouwerman's œuvre as so few of his pictures are dated. The earliest recorded dated example of a stag hunt is that of 1651 recorded in the von Hirsch collection in 1863, but this is now lost and neither its medium or size are known.5 The form of his monogram used here seems to have been adopted only after 1646, and this panel may date from the following decade.

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