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Central Italian School, 16th Century

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  • The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine
  • oil on panel


Private collection, Italy.

Catalogue Note

Despite its beauty, this intriguing Renaissance panel depicting the Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine has thus far eluded secure attribution. The high cheek bones of the female figures' graceful physiognomies imply that the work was evidently painted by an artist closely aware of the work of Pietro Perugino, probably in central Italy, but the lively figure of Joseph also pays homage to Filippino Lippi. 

Professor Filippo Todini, who already knew the work from an old black-and-white photograph from the 1930s, believes the work might have been painted by an as-yet unidentified Emilian artist who, like many of his contempories, imitated Perugino's style. Moreover, the influence of Filippino might be the result of the painter seeing his altarpiece of the Mystic Marriage with Saints John the Baptist, Peter, Paul and Sebastian from 1501 in the church of San Domenico in Bologna.1

We are grateful to Dott.ssa Raffaella Zama, Prof. Daniele Benati, Prof. Filippo Todini and Prof. Andrea De Marchi for their assistance in cataloguing this lot.


1 See P. Zambrano and D. Katz Nelson, Filippino Lippi, Milan 2004, pp. 604–05, cat. no. 62, reproduced in colour p. 379, fig. 297.