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Five leaves from illuminated manuscripts, in Latin [Italy, Flanders, and France, c.1300 and 15th century]

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  • illuminated manuscript on vellum
(a-c) 3 leaves, 331x227mm, vellum, with Maccabees 1-2, 4-5, and Matthew 10-12, 2 columns, 40 lines, 223x143mm, ff.237, 243, and 297 of the Chester Beatty Bible, sold in our rooms, 24 June 1969, lot 57 [France, c.1300]; (d) leaf, 288x207mm, vellum, with a large illuminated initial at the beginning of Ps.142 (the last Penitential Psalm) from a Choir Psalter, 13 lines, 179x105mm [Italy, late 15th century]; (e) leaf, 134x98mm, vellum, 17 lines, 85x60mm, 2 small miniatures of (i) St Andrew, and (ii) St Mark, each with a fine panel border, introducing two suffrages from a Book of Hours [Flanders (Bruges), late 15th century]