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Six leaves mostly from liturgical manuscripts, in Latin [France, southern Netherlands, and Spain, 13th and 15th centuries]

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  • illuminated manuscript on vellum
(a) leaf, 350×253mm, vellum, 4 columns, up to 55 lines of gloss, 243×150mm, with Galatians 6:10-17 from an extremely handsome copy of Peter Lombard’s Great Gloss on the Pauline Epistles [France (probably Paris), c.1220]; (b) leaf, 240x152mm, vellum, 2 columns, 55 lines, 155×97mm, with Nehemiah 11-13 from a Bible, apparently copied from an exemplar without the modern chapter divisions (12:27 is marked as the beginning of chapter 13) [France, 1250-1300]; (c) leaf, 170×113mm, vellum, 14 lines, 85×57mm, from a Book of Hours, Use of Coutances, with part of the Office of the Dead, three-sided border including a large fine dragon [north-western France (Bayeux or Coutances), c.1420-30]; (d) leaf, 195×135mm, vellum, 21 lines, 121×79mm, with the start of the Short Hours of the Dead for Mondays, from a Book of Hours, with a six-line illuminated initial and full border, including a rubric in Netherlandish [southern Netherlands, c.1430s]; (e) leaf, 270x184mm, vellum, 2 columns, 41 lines, 180×132mm, with parts of the feast of St Peter in chains and the Maccabees (both 1 August) from a Breviary [Spain, 1400-1450]; (f) leaf, 328×234mm, vellum, 2 columns, 27 lines, 219×148mm, containing parts of the 3rd-6th Sundays after Pentecost from a Missal, with catchword and old foliation 186, 12 large decorated initials [Italy, 15th century]

Catalogue Note

(a) is from a volume sold in our rooms, 17 June 2003, lot 82; a leaf was in our rooms, 6 December 2005, lot 3; other leaves were Maggs, Cat.1423, 2008, nos.95-6; (c) is from a volume sold in our rooms, 22 June 1982, lot 91 (ill.); for a miniature from the same manuscript see lot 46; other leaves were Maggs, Cat.1249, 1998, no.27, Cat.1262, 1998, no.16, and Cat.1340, [2003], no.8; a calendar leaf with the Dedication of Coutances is St Louis University, VFL MS 35a; (d) another leaf was Reiss & Sohn, October 2009, lot 837.