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Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin [southern Netherlands (Bruges), c.1440s]

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  • ink on vellum
188x135mm, vellum, i+135+i leaves, foliated in modern pencil and perhaps 18th-century ink, the latter used here, repeating “134”, in 21 quires of 8 leaves except i4, ii6, ix-x10, xi6, xii6+1, xiii2, xiv6, xx4, xxi2, and now lacking ff.22, 60, 64, 67, and 71 due to the loss of single leaves, one more missing after f.17, presumably lost before the foliation, 17 lines, 98x63mm, eight large miniatures with large initials and full borders, smaller illuminated initials and line-fillers throughout, in excellent condition with wide and clean margins, circular marks from pilgrim badges on f.1r, bound in modern green damask over wood boards, red edges

Catalogue Note

A Book of Hours with miniatures by an eminent follower of the celebrated panel painter Jan van Eyck, known as the Master of the Llangattock Hours, who painted several miniatures in the famous Turin-Milan Hours


(1) The calendar includes in red Sts Basil (14 June) to whom the lower chapel, below the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, is dedicated, and Donatian (14 October), to whom the cathedral of Bruges is dedicated; the Lamb of God bleeding into a chalice in the first miniature, is perhaps derived from the Ghent Altarpiece, installed in 1432.

(2) Texts were added at beginning and end within the 15th century (ff.1-3v, 139-140); inscribed in the late 15th or 16th century “Ses heure son a Moy M de Raney[?] [end of name cropped]” (f.140r).

(3) J. Marechal Brown, 3rd, his sale, Christie's, New York, 25 September 1981, lot 9.

text and illumination

Added litany of the Virgin and suffrage to St Apollonia (f.1r); Calendar (f.4r); suffrages to Sts John the Baptist, George, Sebastian, Mary Magdalene, Katherine, Margaret (f.10r); O intemerata (f.13r); Obsecro te (f.15r); Hours of the Cross (f.18r); Mass of the Virgin (f.23r); extracts from the Gospels (f.27v); Hours of the Virgin, Use of Rome, with Matins (f.31v), Lauds (f.47r), Prime (f.56v), Terce (f.61r), Sext (f.65r), None (f.68r), Vespers (f.72r), Compline (f.77v), with the variants for Advent (f.82r) and other liturgical seasons; Seven Penitential Psalms (f.89r), litany (f.98v), the 5th of seven collects mentioning a “ministro”; Office of the Dead, Use of Rome (f.104r); added suffrages to Sts Claude and Anthony (f.139r).

This fine manuscript is illuminated by an artist who takes his name from a Book of Hours once owned by the Baron Llangattock and now in the J. Paul Getty Museum (MS Ludwig IX 7; Illuminating the Renaissance, 2003, no.2). Several artists working in the Llangattock Hours have been associated with work in the final campaigns of the Turin-Milan Hours, a manuscript of exceptional quality and importance, and the only manuscript known to include illuminations by Jan van Eyck and his workshop. The Llangattock Master and his collaborators were active in the generation after Jan van Eyck but had intimate knowledge of his work, at times directly copying the master’s compositions. The influence of Van Eyck in this Book of Hours can be observed in the long figures with finely modelled heads and heavy draperies. Most impressive are the wide interiors with meticulously studied details and distant landscapes filled with cityscapes and populated with busy little figures.  

The subjects of the miniatures are: (1) f.10r, John the Baptist in a landscape with the Agnus Dei; (2) f.31v, Annunciation; (3) f.47r, Visitation; (4) f.56v, Nativity; (5) f.77v, Flight into Egypt; (6) f.82r, Coronation of the Virgin; (7) f.89r, Last Judgement; (8) f.104r, Funeral Service.