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Ten leaves and a fragment from manuscripts, in Latin [Germany, France and Flanders, 12th to 16th centuries]

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  • illuminated manuscript on vellum
(a) fragment of a bifolium, 220x300mm, vellum, preserving most of one leaf and about one-third of the other, from a Noted Missal or Sacramentary, with readings about the Prodigal Son (John 5:30-37; Luke 15:15-32), for Saturday in the second week of Lent, 21 (probably originally 23) blind-ruled lines, staveless neumes written between the lines,185x130mm (cropped at the top), used as a pastedown [Germany, 1100-1150]; (b-c) 2 leaves, 211x149mm, vellum, containing I John 2-5 and the Interpretations of Hebrew Names, from ‘Scena’ to ‘Som’, 2 columns of 50 lines, 147x93mm, penwork initials with extenders, from the Villeneuve-les-Avignon Bible (on which see Manion, Medieval and Renaissance MSS in New Zealand, no.68) [France, 1250-1300]; (d-f) 3 leaves, 273x189mm, vellum, containing readings for Pentecost and Maundy Thursday and prayer and psalms to be said before mass, from of a Missal, 21-22 lines, 175x113mm, illuminated initials and line-fillers [northern France or southern Netherlands, early 16th century]; (g) 2 leaves (bifolium), 153x220mm, vellum, of a Book of Hours [Flanders, 15th century]; (h) leaf, 154x113mm, vellum, with part of the Canticle of the Three Hebrew Boys, from Lauds in a Book of Hours, f.32, 12 lines, 84x57mm [France, 15th century]; (i) leaf, 133x99mm, vellum, part of Psalm 18 from a Book of Hours, 16 lines, 83x58mm [Flanders, late 15th century]; (j) leaf, 132x96mm, vellum, part of Psalm 24 from a Book of Hours, 22 lines, 82x57mm, [Flanders, late 15th century]