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Leaf from the Grammont or Geraardsbergen Bible, in Latin [Flanders, Grammont Abbey, near Cambrai, c.1200]

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  • Vellum
single leaf, 450x310mm, vellum, 2 columns, 41 lines, 320x210mm, written ‘above top line’, prickings in all four margins, untrimmed in its original dimensions, slight darkening around edges, in good condition

Catalogue Note

From the Bible of Geraardsbergen/Grammont Abbey, whose four volumes were probably separated at the suppression of the abbey in 1796. Vols.I and IV are presumed destroyed. Vol.III was partly dispersed by Dr Walter Eichenberger, and the residue sold in our rooms, 24 June 1986, lot 78, and is now in the Schøyen Collection (MS.6/1). Vol.II has a colophon naming Geraardsbergen (“Liber beati Adriani de Geraldi Monte”); it belonged to Franz Trau in Vienna in 1905 and later to C.H. St.John Hornby and Major J.R. Abbey; it was in his sale in our rooms, 25 March 1975, lot 2943; later owned by Sir Paul Getty, it has now joined vol.III in the Schøyen Collection (MS.6/2). Single leaves have been sold in our rooms on 8 July 2014, lot 11, 19 June 2001, lot 6, and 1 December 1998, lot 9.

The content pre-dates the standardisation of the text and of its divisions which took place in the early decades of the 13th century, and thus uses pre-modern chapter numbers (chapter "VIII" here begins at the modern 6:12; and chapter "X" at 7:25, for example). The first few words of chapters 6:15 and 7:25 are highlighted in red and have a paraph mark in the adjacent margin, perhaps marking the incipits of monastic lections, suggesting that the Bible was used for readings either in choir at Matins, or in the refectory during meals. The text on this leaf is I Corinthians 6:11-8:11, which mainly concerns virgins, marriage, and fornication.