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Two historiated initials from illuminated manuscripts [Italy and Germany, 15th century]

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  • Vellum
two cuttings: (a) 87x68mm, vellum, historiated initial ‘I’ with two Dominican Saints, one pointing to God, the other being led away by the skeletal figure of Death, laid down on paper, slightly rubbed with small pigment losses [southern Germany (probably Augsburg), c.1450-70]; (b) 76x65mm, vellum, historiated initial ‘I’ with the bust-figure of a lay person in profile, reverse with a four-line red stave with music and text, rastrum 35mm, small crease in the man’s robe, burnished gold retouched in one place [north-eastern Italy (probably Emilia), c.1450-70]

Catalogue Note

b) formed a pair with another initial from the same manuscript, see Les Enluminures, Let us Share in Joy and Care, nos.16-17.