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Fragment of Josephus, Jewish Antiquities, in Latin [France or Germany, late 11th or early 12th century]

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fragment, 260x190mm, vellum, about two-thirds of a leaf, containing substantial parts of Bk.XVII, ch.6: “[st]renue liberaret … operibus approba[tur]” and “colloquente: sicuti … sinebant”, running headings in red “lib(er)” and “xvii”, 2 columns, at least 33 lines (from the fact that each line typically has six or seven words, we can calculate that about 14-15 lines are missing from the bottom of each column, which would originally thus have had about 47-48 lines), re-used on a later binding with the spine painted white (this paint could be removed), stains, scuffs, and about two-thirds of the width of one column cut away, overall a presentable palaeographical specimen of an important text

Catalogue Note

Josephus is an extremely important witness to the background of early Christianity, outlining in the present work (composed c.94 A.D.) the course of Jewish history from the Creation, and expounding Jewish law and customs. The work contains two passages about Jesus and one about John the Baptist. The present fragment includes discussion of the judgment by Herod the Great and Quintilus Varus, ruler of Syria, putting Herod’s own son, Antipater, to death.