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Decorated initial on a leaf from a Choirbook, in Latin [southern Italy, c.1250s]

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  • Vellum
single leaf, 460x320mm, vellum, with a large decorated initial 'D' opening the chant for the feast of the Invention of the Cross, “Dulce lignum dulces clavos …”, 8 lines of text and music on four-line red staves, rastrum 24mm, old foliation “194”, the leaf somewhat cockled, the ink eaten through the page in a few places, but the initial in good condition

Catalogue Note

This leaf is closely related to manuscripts grouped around the famous Conradin Bible (Baltimore, Walters MS W.152, and dispersed cuttings), produced in central or southern Italy around 1265, and usually associated with Conradin, King of Sicily (1254-68), the last Hohenstaufen ruler of the Holy Roman Empire who was executed in Naples in 1268. Another closely related leaf was recently sold at Christie's, 12 November 2008, lot 3.