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Christ Blessing in an historiated initial, one of seven painted initials on thirteen leaves of an Antiphonary, in Latin [Italy, Tuscany (perhaps Arezzo or San Sepolchro), c.1250-75]

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13 leaves (six bifolia and a single leaf), 470x345mm, vellum, 7 lines of text and music on four-line red staves, rastrum 27mm, with a large historiated initial for Vespers at Pentecost ("Cum conplerentur …", f.86r), and large painted initials for Easter ("Angelus domini …", f.46r), the Tuesday after Easter ("Virtute magna …", f.50r), the 2nd Sunday after Easter ("Dignus es …", f.64r), the 4th Sunday after Easter ("Si oblitus …"), Ascension Sunday ("Post passionem …"), and the 4th Sunday in September ("Adonay …", f.132r), somewhat dirty and water-stained at the edges, the historiated initial with two creases