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Fragments of three bifolia from a Homilary and a Missal, in Latin [Germany, 9th and 12th century]

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three fragmentary bifolia: (a) 195x165mm, vellum, part of the middle of a bifolium of a Homilary, preserving most of the width of one column and about half of the other, the text on one side with sermons for the 2nd Sunday in Quadragesima by Leo the Great, De Quadragesima II, Sermo XL ("nobis dilectissimi … haec est perfec[torum"), and Bede, Homilia XVIII in Dominica II Quadragesimae ("desideriis su[beamus] … patre in un[itate spiritus sancti Deus in] saecul[a]", the other side includes part of  the Sermo de confessione peccati perhaps by St John Chrysostom ("dei peccamus et parcit … remediis qui moritur[us]"), re-used as a book-cover and thus creased and darkened, one side with the spine painted white [Germany, 9th century]; (b) 220×335-40mm, vellum, the major part of two bifolia of a Missal, preserving the full width of one column of text and almost all of the other, containing votive masses for one’s sins, for tears of repentance, for the weather, for rain, for tribulation, for the living and the dead (“quorum corpora in hoc monasterio requiescunt”), and for one’s father and mother, used in the 15th century as a cover for a book with its title ‘Prima pars summe Anthonini Anthoninus archiepiscopus’ written vertically between the columns in a neat German hand, cropped at the top and stained to one edge, but still very handsome [Germany, 12th century]

Catalogue Note

Despite the seemingly meagre evidence, one can deduce a considerable amount about the appearance of each of the parent volumes; the marks of the sewing-thread of (a), for example, show that this was the central bifolium in a quire, and the amount of text missing at each side show that the book was laid out in two columns, each about 90mm wide.