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Alexandre Arrechea (b. 1970)

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  • Alexandre Arrechea
  • Punching Bags

    Dust (Havana), Dust (Los Angeles), Dust (New York)
  • blown glass, crushed debris and sandblasted text


Magnan Projects, New York


New York, Magnan Metz Gallery, Alexandre Arrechea: DUST, November 17, 2005, January 1, 2006

Catalogue Note

"I made eight punching bag pieces for my exhibition at Magnan Metz Gallery in 2005. They all related to places I was connected to emotionally: my home in Havana, the gallery building of Art in General in Soho and my studio in Los Angeles. Since I was a kid, I collected dust and debris; I thought that by keeping it, I would always be able to retain the memory of those places. These pieces represent my permanent fight [hence the punching bags] with memory which eludes me so often. Memory is something  fragile. On the side of the punching bags, you can see an engraved label with the addresses where the dust [at the bottom] was collected. Should a bottle break, my memories of the place will perhaps be reduced to dust. Of course, you can also see a reference to Man Ray’s famous Dust Breeding, from 1920."