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Los Carpinteros

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40,000 USD
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  • Los Carpinteros
  • Escalera (Oven Step)
  • powder coated steel


Anthony Grant Inc, New York


Los Angeles, Grant Selwyn Fine Art, Los Carpinteros, June 28-August 4, 2001
New York, Deutsche Bank, Dreamspaces / Entresueños, February 20-April 20, 2003
Los Carpinteros: Inventing the World, Tampa, Contemporary Art Museum Institute for Research in Art, April 8-July 15, 2005; Chicago, Chicago Cultural Center, January 21-April 2, 2006; Cincinnati, Contemporary Arts Center, May 6-July 30, 2006; London, Ontario, Museum London, January-April 2007

Catalogue Note

In a recent telephone conversation with Axel Stein, Head of Latin American Art, Alexandre Arrechea, a member of Los Carpinteros, gave this brief comment on Escalera (Oven Step):

"Back in 2001, when I was still part of Los Carpinteros, we had a solo exhibition at the Grant Selwyn gallery in Los Angeles. The idea was to explore ideas about access and prohibition by altering the primary use of ordinary objects. We turned the gallery into a home of a possible or an impossible living. Our idea was to connect the coils to an outlet and be able to turn them on and off, able to regulate the heat and the red color in the coils; unfortunately, the gallery’s insurance company strongly opposed our idea. No wonder. In part, the exhibition was about common objects and familiar lives turned paradoxically into something not accessible, impossible. Being born in revolutionary Cuba, the metaphor was quite obvious."