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Notarial Deed of Transfer for the Ancona Synagogue, Ancona: 1583

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  • ink, paper
1 sheet (21 3/4 x 13 in.; 555 x 330 mm). Written in Latin semi cursive script in brown ink on parchment. 36 lines. Creased at folds. A few minor holes, most expertly repaired, affecting only a few individual letters. Notarial inkstamp at lower left adjacent to final lines of manuscript text; offset stain. Two line Hebrew inscription on verso. Housed in a recessed cloth mat with matching cover 

Catalogue Note

This Latin commercial transfer of property, was written by the notary of Ancona, Domenico Massulo, and was signed and dated in that city on September 14th, 1583 (during the pontificate of Pope Gregory XIII). The notarial document memorializes the transaction between two Jews, Pellegrino Valterutio, from Ancona, and Salamone Sabbat, from Cagli. It certifies that the synagogue building, which had been previously sold or pawned to Valterutio, was now under the authority of Sabbat, who was paying 190 crowns (lat. scutum) to redeem the synagogue. The apparent purpose was to dissuade Valterutio, who still owned the building, from acting in the future to resell or pawn the synagogue without the prior approval of Salamone Sabbat or his heirs, lest he forfeit the 190 crowns now being paid. A complete transcription of the Latin text is available upon request. The verso features a two line Hebrew inscription, presumably by Salamone Sabbat, regarding expenses of the synagogue.