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Mosley, Sir Oswald

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  • Mosley, Sir Oswald
  • Series of 25 letters, 11 autograph the remainder typed, most signed as "Kit", to Desmond Stewart
  • ink on paper
relating to his work for Mosley Publications especially as literary editor for the magazine The European, expounding his political aims and beliefs including his distinctive 'Europe a Nation' policy ("...those who were the younger generation of Nazi leaders and who have survived are the best Europeans..."), British politics including the Labour Party and Bevanism, Mosley's own contributions to the magazine, a proposed visit to Stewart in Iraq and his support for the Arab cause, his wish to rehabilitate Ezra Pound, and other subjects, with related material, c.60 pages, 4to and 8vo, Ramsbury, Paris, Bonn, Galway, Waterford, Fermoy, and other locations, 9 November 1948 to 12 December 1955, one letter incomplete


Sold in these rooms, 19 July 1994, lot 359

Catalogue Note

"...A challenger can make no greater mistake than merely to imitate the challenged. All those smug young men who for years hoped to follow Baldwin by being like him made a great mistake. When an established man of reputation goes down with a crash, it is something opposite that comes up; it was Churchill who really followed Baldwin ... How many smooth little people have approached the curate's tea-party ... and awaited recognition ... It is the man who kicks the table over and says 'j'y suis' who gets early recognition..."

Desmond Stewart (1924-81) had first encountered Mosley as an undergraduate in Oxford. He made his name in literary circles with a translation of Plato and was teaching at the College of Arts in Baghdad throughout the period covered by these letters, where he wrote three novels set in Iraq.