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World War I

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  • Collection of about 60 naval signals received by HMS Repulse
the four earliest signals relating to the Second Battle of Heligoland Bight, the majority relating to the surrender of the German Fleet, detailing the rendezvous with SMS Konigsberg carrying Admiral Meurer and his escort of "3 Naval Officers and 4 members of the Workmen's and Soldiers Council" and the subsequent negotiations, providing orders for the movement of U-boats in flotillas and the terms of their surrender in Harwich, the disarmament of aeroplanes, the repatriation of sailors, and the movement and internment of the fleet at Scapa Flow with attendant regulations from fuel supplies to numbers of caretaker crew, 68 pages, blue ink or pencil, one typed and signed by Captain W.H.D. Boyle, each with circular red ink date stamp of the Captain's Office, oblong 8vo, 19 November 1917 to 26 November 1918