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Abolitionism and Slavery.

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  • A group of five letters, comprising:
  • ink on paper
John Campbell, historian and the King's Agent for Georgia, complaining of the depredations of the French navy on British slaving ships during the Seven Year's War ("...one ship on board of which were six hundred slaves blew up and every soul perished. In short my Lord the merchants of Liverpool have lost ... one hundred thousand pounds...") and emphasising the importance of the slave trade to the British economy, 4 pages, small 4to, Queen Square, London, 19 January 1762; Thomas Clarkson, abolitionist, to Rev. H.L. Burder, the first explaining that "we had taken care, in the Abolition Act of Parliament, to secure the Commanders of his Majesty's Ships of War by the most likely means" of financial rewards for slaves freed, the second arranging for Burder to read his works in manuscript, 3 pages, folio and 4to, Bury and Playford Hall, 4 December 1808 and 27 May 1835; John Gibson (??), two letters, on the abolition of slavery, c.1836, damp damage, spotting