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Four Victorian folding screens last quarter 19th century

1,500 - 2,500 GBP
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  • Leather, paper, pine, metal
  • a single panel from each screen (1) 206 by 72cm., 6ft. 9in. by 2ft. 4¼in. (2) 152 by 38.5cm., 4ft. 11in. by 1ft. 3¼in. (3) 181 by 39cm., 5ft. 11¼in. by 1ft. 3¼in. (4) 198.5 by 59.5cm., 6ft. 6in. by 1ft. 11½in.
a four-fold green ground Dutch style gilt and polychrome foliate decorated leather screen; a four-fold gold ground polychrome foliate sprig decorated canvas screen; a four-fold pale blue ground gilt repeated foliate and exotic beast pattern decorated embossed paper screen; a six-fold gold ground polychrome grapes and flowering vine decorated screen


Crewe House, London, Inventory, Vol. 2, 1913, p.26, in the Boudoir; A 4-leaf Screen, the panels covered embossed Spanish leather painted flowers in colours, the edges bound leather and studded brass nails, the back panels covered crimson morsen, with shaped top. 5ft. high.;
West Horsley Place, Surrey,
Inventory, 1938, Vol. 1, p.19, in Lord Crewe’s Sitting Room; A 6” high 6 fold shaped top Screen with leather panels, gilt and decorated with birds and flowers. £24;
‘West Horsley Place II’, Country Life, 1 April 1939, p. 329, one illustrated at the foot of the main Staircase.