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Michael Jackson double signed 'The Simpsons' production script cover, 1991

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  • paper, ink
Stark Raving Dad production no. 7F24, season 3, episode 1, inscribed in black ink on light grey cover, signed With Love, Michael Jackson, and signed again Michael Jackson

Catalogue Note

In this season three episode, Lisa reminds Bart that her birthday is approaching, and Bart promises her that he will get her a present this year. Homer finds out that all his white shirts have turned pink because Bart put his lucky red cap in the wash. Regardless, Homer wears the shirt to work, and Mr. Burns sends him to an institution believing that Homer is a 'free-thinking anarchist.' His cellmate introduces himself as Michael Jackson, and when Homer is released from the institution he invites Michael to stay at his house. Together, Bart and Homer's cellmate write and perform a song for Lisa's birthday. She is ecstatic, saying it is the best birthday present she has ever received.
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