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Three silver-gilt, mother of pearl and enamel grotesque 'Pearlfiguren', Vienna, late 19th century

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  • Three silver-gilt, mother of pearl and enamel grotesque 'Pearlfiguren', Vienna, late 19th century
  • mother of pearl, pearl, silver-gilt
the first two forming a pair, modelled as a beggar clown and a drumless drumming clown, each with pearl-topped skull cap and each on shaped enamel stand painted with amusing figures, on paw supports, maker's mark of Ludwig Pollitzer and Vienna town mark; the third as a fiddleless fiddler jigging on a board atop a barrel, apparently unmarked

Catalogue Note

The figures are based on early 18th century examples of grotesque pearl-set figures, such as those made for Augustus the Strong's Green Vaults in Dresden. For further information, see Dirk Syndram / Ulrike Weinhold, exhibition catalogue, “…und ein Leib von Perl”, die Sammlung der barocken Perlfiguren im Grünen Gewölbe, Dresden, 2000.