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Bible. Latin. (Gutenberg Bible: Book of Esther).

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  • <em>[Mainz: Johann Gutenberg and Johann Fust, 1455]</em>
Royal folio (391 × 282 mm). 8 consecutive leaves: volume I, fos. 272-279 (quire 28, leaves 2-9) of the “Noble Fragment” copy of the Gutenberg Bible, being the entire Book of Esther. 2 columns, 42 lines, Type 1:146(138)G, initial spaces. Handsomely rubricated in red and blue (initial I of Esther in red-blue interlock with pale green ink filigree, headlines of alternate red-blue lombards, chapter numbers of alternate red-blue elements, chapter initials alternately red and blue, red capital strokes, tituli to prologue to Esther, Esther, and first prologue to Job in red textura, following the printed rubrication guide issued with copies of the Gutenberg Bible)
Black morocco binding gilt titled on upper cover (Stikeman), including A. Edward Newton’s accompanying essay, A Noble Fragment, 1921. Edges of leaves slightly red-stained from preceding binding.
Lower margin of fo. 272 replaced, not affecting text. The prologue initials for Esther (272v) and Job (279r) cut out and replaced by facsimiles, with ink facsimiles of the missing text on the other side of each patch; not affecting the Book of Esther.