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Peng Wei

300,000 - 500,000 RMB
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  • Peng Wei
  • Robe Series: Antiquities
  • signed with one seal of the artist
    executed in 2004
  • ink and colour on paper, framed


Private Chinese Collection

Catalogue Note

Peng Wei is internationally recognized for her artistic style that combines lyrical interpretations of traditional imagery with textile design. This present lot is part of Peng's signature Robe series, created between years 2003 and 2011. It was with a fondness for ancient paintings that Peng Wei created this unique work as a special commission for an antiques collector.

With a great fondness for artefacts of antiquity, Peng Wei was inspired to create the present painting when viewing a four-panelled Kesi painting from the Qing dynasty in the collector's home. The title 'bogu' refers to the study of ancient history while gaining deep insight into modernity that stands apart from the mundane and ordinary. Therein, the objects portrayed in both the original and present painting are finely crafted ancient works of art, such as vases, incense burners, brush rests, ink sticks and water pots, that collectively withstand the test of time for their craftsmanship and aura of history. Peng fluidly applies yunran (rendering) and gongbi (delicate, detailed brushstrokes) techniques of classical Chinese ink painting to render the images within the new context of the robe that provides a contemporary image with rhythm and logic. Her appropriation of images of the past pays homage to antiquity and carries forward the otherworldliness and timelessness of objects of the past into the present.